Antares Enterprises, Ltd.

The events of the last six plus years have brought us to a New World Order. While Margaret Hirl has spent the last 26 years as a commercial investment sales broker, these times force one to think outside the box. It takes teaming with other professionals that have complementary skills. Antares has been expanded to take advantage of the turmoil in the commercial real estate market. Third party expertise in energy analytics, strategic planning and workout strategies are needed to find our way through the present financial turmoil.

Antares has teamed with Agilis Energy ( to provide energy analytic consulting to owners of commercial real estate so that we in the real estate business whether owners, operators or lenders can do our part towards reducing energy use and becoming more efficient. The focus is improving the bottom line. The systems based approach recognizes and takes advantage of interdependencies between usage, power contracting, efficiency, finanacing, risk management, sustainablility, operations and monitoring.  IDR data from smart meters installed in most of the properties is downloaded into the proprietary model to produce a “picture” of the operations. 

Additionally Antares has teamed up with Christine Kurtz and Elizabeth Longo to form KLH Realty Advisors. Our goal is to assist lenders and borrowers in navigating the rough waters. Under performing assets and/or those in need of refinancing need a hard look at all aspects of their performance. Together we have 75 years of commercial real estate experience. Ms. Kurtz and Ms. Longo have each spent 25 years within the pension fund advisory industry as asset managers and CFO of a New York pension fund. They are both located in the New York City area.