Antares Enterprises along with their various partnerships are providing commercial brokerage services, energy efficiency consulting and third party realty advisory services to the commercial real estate industry.

Energy efficiency has become front and center as owners and operators of commercial real estate and other industries such as schools, MUD’s (municipal utility districts), churches and hospitals look to achieve operational efficiency in order to improve their cash flow. There are a complicated assortment of incentives, financing and legislation that landlords and operators are facing to make their properties both energy “cost” efficient and achieve mandated Green requirements. Antares has partnered with Joe Hirl, who has spent 25+ years in the energy advisory field.

The market necessity for Realty Advisory Services has spawned KLH Realty Advisors. Together with Christine Kurtz and Liz Longo, former Sentinel Real Estate associates, Margaret Hirl is providing expertise in the workout and foreclosure of non-performing loans.  Ms Kurtz and Ms. Longo have 25+ years each in the pension fund advisory business. In addition to their workout experience in the 1990’s they have acquisition, disposition, and asset management experience, as well as an extensive background in risk management and insurance.

 To be competitive in the future it is the belief of Antares and their partners that landlords need to run energy efficient properties that make the most economic sense for both ownership and tenants. This involves not just an energy analysis but also an understanding of the impact the analysis has on the lease structures and the longer-term value of their properties.

 Antares, as a fully integrated company has the skills and expertise to assist their clients through the rough economic climate that we are experiencing.