KLH Realty Advisors

KLH Realty Advisors is a New York area consulting firm in partnership with Antares Enterprises, Ltd to provide fully integrated real estate and workout services to owners both institutional and private, developers and lenders.

KLH is experienced in all real estate product types both on an operational basis and within a workout scenario.  They have worked with both fee and leasehold positions representing owners and lenders. These commercial real estate professionals are equipped to deliver hands-on services, having previously negotiated the standstill and forbearance agreements needed to facilitate workouts and take-outs. When necessary they have represented their clients’ business interests in multiple forums, including secured creditors in bankruptcy.

KLH can provide a performance evaluation and strategic reviews of operating real estate assets held on a leveraged basis and real property collateral securing mortgage portfolios.   This evaluation includes a physical inspection of each property, review of the lease and mortgage documents, income and expense review and analysis of the market.  Our recommendations include the action steps required and assistance in meeting those goals.  Included in our services is the capability to do a workout scenario for the prospective client.

With the extensive experience of the principals as market leaders, we can assist our clients:

  • in the sale of their commercial real estate properties
  • in the restructuring of original loans
  • repositioning of their underperforming properties
  • evaluate the performance of a particular property or portfolio
  • deposition strategy coaching
  • third party consulting services
  • valuation of properties
  • asset property management

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